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Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Pedrera’s search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) practice is based upon a single, dominant premise: attain meaningful and measurable results that provide our clients true ROI.

We do not measure success by “rankings”, nor do we calculate value in terms of “traffic”. We work diligently with our clients to understand their goals, and to create a search engine marketing plan that delivers valuable results.

Search Engine Marketing Plan Elements

  • Marketing Goal Designation
  • Conversion Path Definition, Measurement and Optimization
  • Technical Validation (full-site indexing, code compliance, CMS customization for SEO, etc.)
  • Keyword Strategy and Planning
  • Content Optimization
  • Backlink (inbound) Link Development
  • Campaign Performance Measurement and Analysis

SEO Services with Ethics and Transparency

Pedrera is firmly committed to providing our clients with quality SEM and SEO services in an ethical and transparent manner. “Tricks” that seek to mislead the search engine or the searcher might work in the short term, but they inevitably result in disgruntled website visitors or even blacklisting. It doesn’t make sense to engage in “black hat” tactics – both financially and ethically.

What’s more, Pedrera is proud to share our knowledge of SEM and SEO best practices with our clients. We invite questions and active collaboration. We believe that the more you know about what we do, the more you’ll want to work with us.